Eddy Brothers

Blind River, Ontario

In the late 1800's early 1900's, Eddy Brothers was a major player in the lumber industry along the north shore of Lake Huron.   Their main Algoma operation was located in Blind River, Ontario, where they built and operated a lumber mill.  Logs that fed the mill came from north of Lake Matinenda, the Little White River valley and Wakomata Lake area.   Thessalon was also a key hub for Eddy Bros in the early 1900's allowing for the distribution of materials to lumber camps in the Mississagi Valley.

With the assistance of area historian John Haegeman, I have been able to document 18 Eddy Brothers lumber camps in East Algoma of which I have visited 6 to-date.  I believe John has visited most of the Eddy camps.  During each visit, I would take video footage and photos of building layouts along with measurements.  Background surroundings such as water and mountains help match old lumber camp photos with the actual lumber camp locations.


Eddy Brothers

Eddy Lumber Camp - Wakomata Lake


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