McFadden Camp 10

Mississagi River

McFadden Camp #10 is a good-sized camp.  Jack Bowes and I visited it in 2017 and were quite surprised to see how many buildings and building foundations that are still visible.  The bunkhouse in particular is very well in-tack in terms of the 4 walls.  The high wall mud packing of which some Mcfadden Camps were renowned for, have had a positive impact in preseving the bunkhouse walls.  Camp #10 has been used in more than one era of logging.  We witnessed more recent material from mechanized logging which indicates this camp has been used for several decades.  There is a large open field which has been bulldozed at one time and is likely the former location of the Blacksmith shop.

mcfadden camp 10 

McFadden Camp #10 - Notice the bowl in the foreground and tin can to the left


mcfadden lumber camp 10 

One of the 4 walls to the bunkhouse.  Heavily packed with mud to keep it warm during winter months of operation

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