McFadden & Malloy Camp 2

 There are many Camp 2's in Algoma, all from different lumber companies including Cook Brothers, Eddy Brothers. Hope Lumber, McFadden and so on. 

The McFadden Camp #2, (called McFadden @ Malloy at the time) was active between the approximate years of 1910 and late 1920's and possibly longer, is located along the Little White River Road in Poulin township. 

Poulin Township was named after Gabriel Poulin, known by many as 'Gaby' who was an avid outdoorsman and owned a camp in that township.  Mr.  Poulin resided in Elliot Lake before passing away in 2009. 

For privacy reasons of individuals who now own the property at the former McFadden Camp #2, I will not post the location of this camp.  I'm sure you understand as you would not want people invading upon your privacy either.

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