McFadden Camp 4 - Mississagi River

Camp #4 was a big camp located along the Mississagi River on highway 129, just west of the Lafoe Creek junction.  When you drive by Camp #4 today, you can still see the very large clearing to the south of the highway.  If you have a moment, take a drive down to the river's edge and you will see this is now a very popular campsite destination as the grass is well-groomed in 2 locations and fire pits are established.  Someone is doing a great job in maintaining this location.  Let's all do our part to keep it that way.  We re-visited Camp #4 in August 2016 and must say am very impressed with how clean and tidy the overall site is.  If you get out and walk around, you will encounter an old building foundation in the central part of the camp.  You will notice the room sections and what looks like the basement in one corner of the building.  Was this the former administration building for the Lands and Forest or the Camp Foreman building for McFadden since this was a shared location. Camp #4 was also the region headquarters for the Department of Lands and Forest, just like Camp #31 was at Peshu Lake.  There is also a large cement pad just to the west of the building. 

My grandfather Fred Albert, grandmother Leonie Albert and great uncle Aurel Lafreniere all worked at this camp in the 1920's.  I have many photos of camp #4.  Fred was a Foremen at another McFadden lumber camp along the Little White River, but in the summer of the early 1920's a fire swept through Nicholas and Sagard townships and unfortunatley burned some of the lumber camps.  Fred and Leonie were re-located to Camp 4 at Lafoe Creek and Mississagi Road.

Looking east of Camp 4 to the high bluff above, this was the site of the former Camp #4 Fire Tower.  Obviously no longer standing, it was likely a 40' wooden tower which was the common standard in the 1920's for the Lands and Forest.  This tower was replaced with a newer 80' steel tower high on the bluff further up the Mississagi River, just north of Grindstone Creek.  The new tower was called the Mississagi Tower and was labelled on early day topo maps.


Along the Mississagi Road (Now called Highway 129) at Lafoe Creek

Camp 4

Camp 4

Camp 4 Map



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