Camp 8 - Little White River

There were 2 - McFadden Camp #8s.  The original McFadden Camp #8 shown in the pictures below was located along the Little White River in Sagard Township (formerly TWP 1A), where a trailer campsite is now located next to the newer cememt bridge.  This camp burned to the ground in the early 1920's due to a large fire that swept along the Little White River. 

A newer Camp 8 (1929) was built shortly after and was located on the Camp 8 Creek (Little White River) also in Sagard Township.  This was a good-sized camp and it ran for many years.  A visit through the bush today reveals a very large-sized garbage dump of former food containers serving the hungry employees of Camp 8.

The massive 1948 forest fire swepth through many townships in and north of 1A, therefore, a sawmill was constructed across the river and upstream from the former Camp 8 lumber camp (1929) and used to extract the salvagable pine.  You can still see visual remnants of the sawmill when you visit the site along the west shore of the little White River.  Dale Moggy, of Elliot Lake, is an expert in this area and has bushwhacked it for miles.  Dale spends considerable time in Tweedle Township, just north of the Sawmill Camp 8.

Camp #8 Foreman:  Fred Albert - Year:  1920 - This Camp burned shortly after due to a Forest Fire

Camp 8

Camp 8


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