White River Farm - McFadden / Carpenter-Hixon

(White River Farm - North of Iron Bridge Ontario, Canada)

The White River Farm was the depot for the McFadden / Carpenter-Hixon lumber camps.  It was the stop-over and gateway to the Little White River valley lumber camps.  Much needed hay and food supplies would be hauled in from the White River Farm to the lumber camps.  Rita Kachur (Rita Albert) recalled the days of living at this farm (1930's) and indicated a doctor also resided on-site.  Chickens and some livestock co-existed as well.

The White River Farm (as per the building layouts) is now just a memory of history of photos.  The property is located at the entrance of the former Cannon Mine road on highway 546 north of Iron Bridge. When you drive by on highway 546 in Kamichistit township, you can still see some of the clearings, however, many years ago it was bulldozed by the MNR and most has grown in.  A recent visit in 2017 revealed only 2 building foundations untouched by the bulldozing.

White River Farm

The White River Farm - McFadden Lumber Company


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