Waldie Brothers

John Waldie formed the Victoria Harbour Lumber company which operated out of Victoria Harbour along the south shore of Georgian Bay.  Although Mr. Waldie passed away in 1907, some of his sons (not all) carried on his lumber legacy and operated as Waldie Brothers Lumber company.  Earlier to this, timber availablility was becoming scarce from many parts of central Ontario, therefore lumber barons / companies looked north to Algoma for timber rights.    Waldie Brothers purchased timber rights in several townships along the north shore including Townships 175, which is now Nouvel Township and operated a lumber mill at Spragge Ontario from 1906 to 1913.  The mill was purchased from Cook Brothers in 1906 (Cooks Mills), operated for several years, then sold to J.J. McFadden in 1913.  Waldie Brothers continued to log Algoma beyond 1913, however, towed their logs across Lake Huron to their Georgian Bay mill.

I have visited 2 Waldie Lumber Camps to-date and continue to develop my research along with taking photos and important video footage.  This webpage is a work-in-progress activity of which will be updated as time permits.

Waldie Brothers

Waldie Brothers Lumber Camp - Nouvel Township (TWP 175)


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