Dubbelewe Lake Fire Tower

North of Elliot Lake & East of Portelance Lake

1985 Trip

This 'top-of-the-tower' view reveals the true devastation that was caused by the massive 1948 Mississagi Fire and the 1955 Portelance Lake Fire.  Tall White Pine continue to stand today, however,  in pure black form as burnt matchsticks pointing to the sky, while newer green growth is attempting to blend in and around while catching up to some of the heights of the once former greats. 

The day we visited this tower was a day without the camera.  The road going in, branches off just east of Portelance Lake and is passable by ATV.  Our elevation was in the area of approximately 1845' and a view from the top of the tower shows there are no other towers to see on the horizon (unless you have binoculars).   The closest Fire Lookout tower is 22 kilometres to the east / north -east, which is the 'River aux Sables' Tower.  (Map below)


** Update - 2012 **

The tower is down and gone!  Someone decided to help themselves to some steel by removing several of the cross-beam supports from the bottom end of the tower, weakening it's stance.  Shortly after, on one of the windier days, the tower blew over, folding at the legs.  It has since been further salvaged by someone and now almost all the steel is gone from the site.

Map Showing 4 Fire Lookout Tower Locations in Algoma District.

Fire Towers Ontario



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