Fire Towers in Ontario (Algoma District - South)

A listing of my hikes, descriptions and / or photos of current and former Fire Towers in the Algoma District (South)


Still Standing (*)

Cupola (c)

Down (d)

Towerman Cabin (t)

Telephone Lines (p)

Status Unknown (?)


My hiking to Fire Towers began more than 35 years ago and within a few years, had visited many in the district.  Some of my tower hiking partners include:  Terry Houle (Black Creek), Glenn Mitton (Grassett Lake), Dave Harwood (Wilkie Lake), Jack Bowes (Ogidaki Mountain), Andy King (McCreights), Dale Moggy (Dubbelewe Lake), Derek Standen (Mt. Baldy), Bob Hamel / Jack Bowes (Brigland), Jack Bowes (Ranger Lake), Will Debruyne (Griffin), Jack Bowes (Mountain Ash), Dale Moggy / Ron Nadon (Kirkpatrick Lake), Derek Standen (Kwagama Mountain), Bob Hamel / Jack Bowes (Saunders Lake).  All remaining tower hikes were lone trips (Mole Lake, Lonely Lake and Mississagi River). 


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Kwagama Hill Fire Lookout Tower 
Kwagama (d)

Sand Lake Fire Tower
Sand Lake (*c)

MT Baldy Fire Tower
Mt Baldy (*)

Austin Lake Fire Tower
Austin Lake (d)

Griffin Lake Fire Tower
Griffin Lake (*)

Mountain Ash Fire Tower
Mountain Ash (*)

Upper Green (*c)

River aux Sables (?)

Ogidaki Mountain Fire Tower
Ogidaki Mountain (dt)

Ranger Lake Fire Tower
Ranger Lake (d)

Rocky Island Fire Tower
Rocky Island (?)

Dubbelewe Lake Fire Tower
Dubbelewe Lake (d)

King Mountain Fire Tower
King Mountain (d)

Black Creek Fire Tower
Black Creek (*tp)

Wilkie Lake Fire Tower
Wilkie Lake (*p)

Mississagi River Fire Lookout Tower
Mississagi River (d)

Lonely Lake Fire Tower
Lonely Lake (d)

Poplardale Fire Tower
PoplarDale (d)

Saunders Lake Fire Tower
Saunders Lake (*ct)

Grasset Lake (*t)

McCreights Fire Tower
McCreights (d)

Kirkpatrick Lake
Kirkpatrick Lake (d)

Fire Tower Mountain
Lake Duborne (d)

Elliot Lake Fire Tower
Elliot Lake (*)

Bridgeland Fire Tower
 Brigland (dt)
Mekatina Fire Tower
Mekatina (d)
Walford Fire Tower
Austin Lake Fire Tower
Pineal Lake (?)


Favourite Tower:  Wilkie Lake Tower

Most Peaceful Hike:  Black Creek Tower

Easiest Access Tower:  McCreights Tower

Most Disappointing Visit:  Poplardale Tower (Gone)

Best Condition Tower:  Saunders Lake Tower

Most Spectacular View:  Mt Baldy Tower

Hardest to Find Tower Remnants:  Mississagi River Tower

Most Surprising View:  Grasset Lake Tower (Could see Steep Vertical Cliffs to the N/W)

Most Characteristic Tower:  Ogidaki Mountain Towerman Camp (base of mountain)

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